Name: Monica

Age: 22

Height: 169 Cm

Weight: 57 Kg

Size: 36C-27-35

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For a curvy ebony escort, there are tons of different variations to the kind of services she provides. And that is something which can’t be said for every type of escorts out there. You need to understand that even this kind of profession requires some creativity and that is what Monica brings to the table.

  • One of the finest things about Monica is that she has a fine body as well as a pretty face. And she knows how to flaunt it. You can be assured that it is enough to make any man go on his knees.
  • Another good thing about her is that she is well experienced in this field. Despite her young age, she is well aware of all the things she needs to do in order to please her client.
  • That brings us to her best quality as an escort and that is to understand the needs of her clients. No two men are similar thus making this feat even more impressive.
  • You will also find that she enjoys all kinds of sex. So if there is anything in particular which you want to enjoy, feel free to ask away.

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